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We keep on working remotely with our global partners in multinational corporations, governments and cities to implement immediate solutions for the current situation, and maintain a close relationship to support future strategies.  Learn More. 

SOSA is a global innovation company built to craft and execute open innovation programs for international corporates, governments and cities.

SOSA bridges the gap between the supply and demand sides of open innovation. Our bespoke, highly curated and unbiased innovation programs focus on identifying best in class tech solutions and top talent, facilitating dozens of business engagements every year.

SOSA operates as the heart of the Tel Aviv, New York and London tech ecosystems, with state-of-the-art physical centers in all locations. The centers act as meeting places for SOSA’s widespread network of key industry stakeholders which include more than 15,000 startups and over 250 investors, venture capital funds and leading international corporations. In addition, SOSA fully operates online with sessions, demo days, webinars and forums in remote mode.

In NYC, SOSA is the official operator of the New York City Global Cyber center - the hub for all stakeholders within the Cybersecurity industry. The center offers curated cyber security programming, such as Cyber Open Innovation, government programs, networking events and mentorship sessions.

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Join SOSA’s innovation team as we will place the spotlight on outstanding tech companies, industry experts, and our global community in various inspiring online events. All the events are meant to keep innovation running, and share knowledge and experience in this transformational moment in history, affecting industries, global economies, and our day to day lives.


We are constantly moving forward.

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Selected tech news curated by SOSA

Clyde raises $14 million to help e-commerce businesses offer extended warranty plans

How do you go from being a product person to the founder of an insurance startup? According to Gell: a stint at a four-person 3D scanner startup in Columbus, Ohio.

TechCrunch | 11.05.2020


Microsoft invests in 3D printing
startup Nanofabrica 

Israeli ultra-precise 3D printing startup has raised $4 million in a financing round led by Microsoft’s venture fund, NextLeap Ventures and Alpha Capital.

Globes | 12.05.2020



Calcalist | 10.05.2020

The FDA has allowed the use of technology developed by Tel Aviv-based Aidoc Medical to be used to detect findings associated with coronavirus.

FDA Greenlights Use of Aidoc’s Imaging Technology to Detect Covid-19 


TechCrunch | 08.05.2020

Imagine a model of collaborative R&D among hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, universities and other research institutions where no one....

Owkin raises $25 million as it builds a secure network for healthcare analysis and research


MIT Tech Review | 11.05.2020

Machine-learning models trained on normal behavior are showing cracks —forcing humans to step in to set them straight. 

Our weird behavior during the pandemic is messing with AI models 

Telemedicine, Which Gained Momentum due to Covid-19, Will be with us Long After it Recedes

With signs that we passed the first peak of cases in many countries, it is worth pausing to ask which of the changes observed in the past two months will stay after the crisis. 

Calcalist |  06.05.2020


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Open Innovation for Corporations, Governments & Cities 

We build practical, cross vertical open innovation programs crafted specifically for your needs and KPI’s; from the identification of advanced technology solutions and innovative models, all the way to successful tech transformations.

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Our programs are designed to provide immediate solutions to specific use cases, as well as to build long terms innovation strategies. With the COVId-19 crisis, we are focused more than ever on answering the most acute needs of organisations; to cope with the current challenges and build resilience for the aftermath.

For All   



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May 15 , 10:00am - 12:00pm EST

Digital Transformation Mode

Key industry experts from Check Point, Sceinder Electric and Andreessen Horowitz will delve into how they are confronting the impacts of today’s reality, and where they think cybersecurity is headed.

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Selected SOSA Partners 

For Corporates & Governments 



May 27 , 9:30am - 11:00am EST

Supply Chain Technologies and the Impact of Covid-19

Covid-19 has disrupted supply chains impacting directly and indirectly many industries. Meet the startups tackling different angles in this arena.

iEvent Ended

For FTCA Members



June 16 , 9:30am - 10:15 am EST

Deploying innovation: ensuring a successful expansion to NYC

Outlook on changes and shifts in the NYC tech ecosystem and best practices for ensuring startups' successful expansion to the US market.

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